About Jacqueline Hines

I'm a highly caffeinated, award-winning illustrator who loves working on intricate illustrations all with a good sense of fun. 

My passion is to be content with a simple life of making good art in fantasy, comics, stickers and everything in between. On the side, I enjoy working on my own personal projects which include pen and ink drawings, sticker designs, and short stories. One day I aspire to have a series of comics based on personal stories as well as have my fantasy work within the table top and trading card gaming industry - all with a never-ending supply of coffee and cute dog at my side.  

As of 2019 I have received Best in Show in the Student Category at the 7th Annual PSC Phillustration Exhibition at The Philadelphia Sketch Club, was a featured artist at Four Corners Exhibition at The Philadelphia Sketch Club and MoCCA Fest as a representative of MCAD, and was published in Infected By Art Volume 4 and 5 and MORE Magazine 2016. 

When I am not doing art I am more than likely traveling due to activism or wanderlust and enjoying the good times!


Legendary Games, AARK Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Center, They Draw They Cook


A peek into my daily life of doodling, friends and emptying my wallet on records.