About Jacqueline Hines

I'm a highly caffeinated, award-winning illustrator who loves working on intricate illustrations all with a good sense of fun. 

My passion is to be content with a simple life of making good art in fantasy, comics, stickers and everything in between. On the side, I enjoy working on my own personal projects which include pen and ink drawings, sticker designs, and short stories. One day I aspire to have a series of comics based on personal stories as well as have my fantasy work within the table top and trading card gaming industry - all with a never-ending supply of coffee and cute dog at my side.  

As of 2017 I have received Best in Show in the Student Category at the 7th Annual PSC Phillustration Exhibition at The Philadelphia Sketch Club, was a featured artist at Four Corners Exhibition at The Philadelphia Sketch Club and MoCCA Fest as a representative of MCAD, and was published in Infected By Art Volume 4 and 5 and MORE Magazine 2016.

Look forward to my work being published by Legendary Games as well as personal projects involving some pretty rad collaborations in the art and music community. 


Legendary Games, AARK Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Center, They Draw They Cook


A peek into my daily life of doodling, friends and emptying my wallet on records.